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Original comment: "Well Greenpeace has an annual income of $300 million, it just lost $5 million in currency trading – just who are the rich and greedy?? – why isn't it using it’s funds to cleanup the oceans?" - janama

My Response: Damn, what could I do with 5 million dollars… hmm… I could buy up, lets say, 100 laundromats across the US, convert them all to a chain of democratically operated non-profit cooperative businesses that work to lower the cost to customers, while raising the bar on quality of service and professional responsibility (which includes service to employees as an employer, and adhering to the most sustainable practices possible, as they are developed).

Not only would this organization be able to do awesome things within it’s specific field of business, but it’s charter would require a specific, and large, amount of any excess income be donated to an International Cooperative Monetary Fund (ICMF) that would work to provide developmental assistance and financing to other non-profit cooperatives, especially those seeking to form in areas of business, or in countries, where this business model is not yet being utilized. Whereas each of those organizations would also be mandated to include a requirement to donate excess income back to the ICMF, thereby further spreading the wealth of democracy and sustainable business practices, exponentially.

Of course this wouldn't have to start with laundromats, it could be a chain of restaurants, auto repair shops, clothing or other merchandise manufacturing centers, retail outlets, medical offices, legal service centers, hotels, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

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