Economic Stimulus Spending

um, why are we throwing our money away on failing technologies and companies?

EVERYTHING can be built, designed, manufactured, maintained, and derived as open source via free use copyrights and non-profit organizations, especially cooperatives! this could allow for the free use of ideas to benefit society, by providing quality jobs, services and products all at cost (the lowest price possible).

all we would need is the initial start-up funds to get a non-profit business going and we could easily manufacture THE BEST cars, computers, hot water heaters, homes, food, and provide THE BEST health care, insurance, maintenance, ISPs, and recycling centers, et cetera; lets not forget to mention entertainment venues, and quality film and music producing orgs.

look up the profit margins of all those big US companies and industries, and then imagine all those trillions of dollars being used to fund the initial development of other non-profit service providers and product manufacturing facilities via a massive Non-Profit Monetary Fund; which could also be used to fund the development of quality non-profit services and products in other nations, and thereby help develop a free, open, and peaceful planetary union.

really, what are we doing? why not drop billions on revitalizing our country through the development of democratic public services and organizations that have the sole purpose of enhancing the health, happiness, and effectiveness of all the people in our society and on our planet!

are we really so greedy?