Response to article about Roma

Responding to an article describing how the nomadic Roma, or gypsies, of France were being systematically evicted from the various campsites they had developed around Paris and some other French cities due to those camp sites being hazardous (lacking water, and sanitation, etc), I made the following suggestion:

"Perhaps they should form a non-profit cooperative that can collect funds then buy and maintain small plots of land near major cities.

Like KOA campgrounds in the US they could provide working toilets, showers, fresh water, and both camping and RV sites for use.

And as an added benefit they could be at least partially funded by sharing use with outsiders, including allowing the land to be used for the occasional festival or fair. Both could be hosted by the Roma as well, providing non-begging income and an opportunity to sell handmade wares.... a way to show the Roma are not just a burden on the greater society."