Response, Regarding Police Accountability

PaulBunion's comment: "Once upon a time in America, almost all law enforcement officers were either elected officials themselves, or were directly responsible to an elected official. The bureaucratization of US police forces over the last century, and their current militarization puts them pretty much beyond the control of the voters. Expect this sort shooting to continue until the organizational basis of our police forces are significantly changed."

My Response: "So you want Non-Profit Civilian Security and Criminal Investigation Co-Ops, managed by the citizen members of the secured community?

Fully transparent, democratically operated organizations where the community members can issue a vote to remove agents from their current positions, terminate agents entirely, or otherwise modify the functions of the organization, so long as they adhere to constitutional law.

Note: Such Co-operatives would be run independently, but share resources just like current police agencies.

And while we're at it, isn't it time citizens take control of their criminal and debt/credit records; via Non-Profit Co-Operative Database Maintaining Organizations where citizens, not corporations, control their functions/fairness. Our debt/credit histories already become virtually irrelevant after 7 years with the current system, but even a minor felony conviction on a criminal record can keep a person from voting, acquiring a decent job, or living in a non-ghetto community for the rest of their lives. This is not the practice of a civilized society (it's a form of slavery)."

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