Banking on The Environment

[the following was my response to the discovery of, an environmentally savvy bank]

it's not a cooperative, or what is more often known as a credit union... although it is imperative that all people and businesses adopt environmentally and morally mature behavioral models, green banking is only half the equation.

capitalism has no place in the future, if mankind is going to continue to thrive on this planet. with capitalism wealth is funneled into the hands of the few, at the cost of the many; and more often than not the environment as well. at this point, you can't just fix one, we need to grow up and fix both (our environment and the society that allowed the environment to become so corrupted).

cooperation is what is required: ownership of, and investment in businesses by the very people who use the services provided. and not for profit, but merely to provide the most effective means to whatever end, in the most responsible manner known to exist. this should be our goal from here.

move forward!

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